Building Our Future - Chris Jones’s Vision For Our City

“Policy doesn’t work in isolation – there needs to be a comprehensive vision. I have a four-point plan to make improvements in how the city responds to homelessness, housing, public safety, and economic development. With your help, we can make Sacramento a place where we can all live, work, and pursue our dreams.”


Homelessness is one of the greatest tragedies of our time - even more so because there is a model that is proven to be effective in reducing the suffering of our most vulnerable. I promise to fight for a Haven for Hope style campus that has been incredibly effective in San Antonio, with an 80% reduction in downtown homelessness over ten years. We deserve similar results here in Sacramento.

Housing shortage

California is known for its high housing costs and Sacramento is no exception - median sales prices and rents for homes have gone up astronomically over the last ten years and Sacramentans are struggling to keep up. I promise to fight for policies that will bring an end to runaway housing inflation. We need more housing, and more housing that people can afford. I will pursue a moratorium on all residential impact fees to make the City of Sacramento the best place to build housing in the whole state.

Public safety

Public Safety is the core promise of local government. No one wants to live in a city where they cannot feel safe when going to work, shopping, or relaxing in their own home. With crime rates up nearly across the board, we need to support our Police and Fire departments and make sure they have the resources and training they need to keep us all safe. I want to encourage strong ties between the community and the brave men and women who work tirelessly to protect us.

Economic development

Economists agree - Small business formation creates the majority of jobs in the United States. In order to get as many Sacramentans into full time jobs as possible, I will support measures to make Sacramento's economy as dynamic as possible. A comprehensive analysis of city fees, regulations, and other obstacles to commerce can spur a local renaissance, lifting our people and neighborhoods to new economic heights in a sustainable and equitable way.

Together we can build for our future, and make Sacramento a better place to live, work, and pursue our dreams.